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A FlexSpace is an innovative concept that we at FlexWerk believe is the future of fitness. We provide what a fitness professional, their clients, and everyday fitness enthusiasts need and want in an ideal fitness environment – everything from lighting, technology, and equipment to security, design, and comfort – in an easy-to-use solution that can be reserved for one hour at a time.

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Standard Flexspace

Standard FlexSpaces can fit 1-2 guests and are exclusive to you, reservable by the hour, and built with easily customizable music, lightning, and temperature. You may also stream any digital content you need, making it your own personal, private, premium gym.

Flexspace Plus

Need more room? Our FlexSpace Plus Spaces offer enough room to fit 3-5 guests comfortably. The FlexSpace Plus Room offers everything in the standard space, including cable lifting systems, customizable racks, privacy, music streaming, a TV/monitor, weights, mirrors, and WiFi.

Flexconnect Spaces
Hydrow & Clmbr Machines

Your exclusive FlexSpace Connect is reservable anytime. Climb with the best coaches in the world inspiring your every step of the way! These two rooms include the hydrow or clmbr machines, live coaching, privacy, music streaming, WiFi, and a workout library.



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